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If you have paid close attention to the underground Hip Hop scene in the past 6 years, you will note that some of those rugged and raw beats you have been bobbing your head to have been from none other than Bobby Knuxx Castro. Over the years providing highly diverse and hard hitting beats for some of the best risers in the Underground’s new school, an affiliation with St Louis’ own Legion of Lyricist faction..Knuxx also is a highly decorated and talented mc. Stemming from the latter 90’s as a battle rapper in the NYC Hip Hop scene, Knuxx is no stranger to the microphone and now he breaks his silence releasing the album “FCK YEA” featuring some of his own self produced classics and some recent. The powerhouse and diverse album of the rantings and ravings of a possible sociopath, showing raw lyricism and distinct has to wonder..where the fuck has this guy been?

Well I got one ever better…an interview with the man under the stairs himself…Brooklyn,Ny’s own Bobby Knuxx Castro…

VOR: How lonh have you been involved with Hip Hop music?

Knuxx: since I got my first set of turntables in 1996, I started out learning how to do mixtapes, it was my bread and butter in my school days, I would get records and make mixtapes and sell them at school every week I would have a new tape to sell, I used to make a good 2 to 3 hundred dollars for every tape I made, selling them at 10$ a pop mostly in school and on the streets. I would sell them at barber shops and shit like that, back then people were hungry for hip hop.I ended up learning how to use a Mpc and I learned how to scratch, scratch battles and eventually I ended up doing battle everything kinda just fell into place.

VOR: what really inspired you to pick up the mic?

Knuxx: well, I always been good at making fun of people, and being a callous dick pretty much, I like the responses people got in battles..I loved making people laugh and react to the shit I said so that pretty much shaped my motivation to battle mc’s, but writing lyrics became something much deeper, I always been fond of spoken word, literature and even just good lyricism.

VOR: what kind of musical influences do you have?

Knuxx: well, Hip Hop for the most part, I grew up on it all..I even was a fan of the Westcoast G-Funk when others was not, I never limited myself to just NY hip hop..other musical tastes go from anything to spanish music to rock to reggae,jazz and I love digging crates of records of old soul music, funk and psy rock shit that was innovative..when I was a kid my grandmother wanted me to be a salsa singer, my uncle was a drummer and guitarist for a Latin funk band (RItmo Loco) so I can say I had a lot of musical influences growing up.

VOR: So is your preference more towards production/composition?

Knuxx: well yea, because writing lyrics does not not take as much time for me’s almost too easy at times .. however the production side..i mean just experimenting like i did with the turntables, taking sounds from anything and making music out of it, man i sit in the studio for hours on weeks..just working on the next sounds.

VOR: Can you speak spanish fluently?

Knuxx: vete pa carajo cabron…pues si, yo hablo conazo..

VOR: oh..k, moving on…Who are you feeling in the Hip Hop scene right now?

Knuxx: I have a lot of artists in my playlist it would be easier to tell you who Im not feeling in the game right now

VOR: ok, so tell us..who are you NOT feeling?

Knuxx: any rapper with “LIL” or “YOUNG” or Iggy or Nicki..i don’t really like pop artists frontin to be hip hop artists…and I think hip hop has been watered down too much with these Hollywood wanna be celebrity ass clowns like Kanye West..and another thing..i don’t see the big hype about Jay-Z..I think he over rated and he just played money to get his position in Hip HOP..but I don’t be saluting him for jack far as i’m concerned aint no kings in this game and any person that claims a douche bag motherfucker who wants the shit to themselves..and I cant fuck with that…I will say this though…I do like Drake..cos he talented and he knows his place.

VOR: wow! So what are your plans as far as the rap game?

Knuxx: timing is everything, when the commercial fucks are at their weakest point..I will make my play..which I have already begun. my mission is to save Hip Hop..expect much coming from me in the future.I aint one of these fools throwin money around to get respect.. I am here to earn it!

VOR: On that note good work on the album! keep it coming!

Knuxx: peace

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  1. Labels give zero fucks about music,the art or culture

To the execs and big wigs it is strictly a business, another stock to trade on the market. The corporate interest in music production and distribution is solely monetary. They rarely care about “talent” especially in Hip them Hip Hop is a series of 3-4 minute commercials for their investor’s material products…they select rap music on the basis of how they can use the average American fan’s insecure or self conscious behavior and exploit it ..and add impulsive egotistical sense of self worth and you got exactly what they want…a fool that will go broke the rest of their lives chasing the lifestyle of a rich rapper…which is ironic, considering the fact labels rob the artist they put out and they are usually as broke as the rest of us….

  • Payola

any struggling starving artist can tell you, to properly get your foot in the industry door…it’s gonna cost ya, so if you want to become a rapper in hopes of making it big and becoming a huge star, i hope you have a nice bank account or someone to loan you alot of money….simply because these days it is very rare to become someone a a&r “discovers”…now a days a&r’s have so much music to sift through they HAVE to have a VERY good reason to just call someone up without some $$$$ greasing the gears. In fact you will find alot of A&R’s are taking money on the side using social media to “give indie artists opportunities”… when it comes to major exposure or radio play, this is where you need the money, it’s no secret that 90% of the top selling artists..HAD to pay to play…READ HERE ABOUT MORE PAYOLA STORIES… basically, any artist getting mainstream exposure indie or paying through the nose to get on the radio…again this has NOTHING to do with TALENT and everything to do with INVESTING..meaning there is no real feeling of art or sentiment to creativity…it is all done as a business…as product..which is a problem, because music is something special to actual artists, and to simply look at hours of work and just treat it as a shelf highly fucked up to someone who knows the value of art itself.


Since the FCC lifted the ban on radio and tv station monopoly..(read more here) It has made it easy for major labels to corner off their music market and keep their artists in rotation no matter what…which creates a major problem when it comes to giving up and coming artists a fair shot at rotational airplay,

which is also the reason PAYOLA becomes almost a necessity to gain the key to becoming successful,

with radio station monopoly it strengthens the corporate environment to where they are in total control, and since music and television is the nations biggest resource of both information and entertainment, it becomes clear the power they have as a collective over us, over our minds.


So what? what do we do as the future artists and fans?

do we continue to feed the beast? do we keep pushing?


it’s simple…turn off your radio….turn off your tv…problem solved

with the internet, good music and film is out there and people

no longer need to rely on these people for entertainment..

so i say…just wait it out…in ten years… labels..

could be obsolete…


we all like to dream


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i was once told i was lost, when i didn’t have a home…

i was told to believe in myself, is this the reason i’m alone?

so i kept moving forward, feeling directionless and blind…

i heard “everyone needs love” so love i detoured to find,

i found love on a Thursday, it felt unconditional,

’till conditions pulled us away, like those of a gun’s trigger pull,

i mourned until i cried the blood from my heart…

and as i lied at my life’s end, love gave me a new start,

i lived a life full of loss,but the memories gained in mind,

i looked back and saw love was there,each and every time